Why sell to Hostripples?

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Hostripples gets frequent queries to purchase web Hosting Business from small and large resellers and hosting companies from all over the world. If you operate a small to medium-sized hosting business which you want to sell, Hostripples can purchase it and offer you an exit.

If you are interested in selling your hosting business then you can contact us for further discussions.

  • Hostripples has 5 years of experience in the hosting business.
  • Our clients are accustomed to the personal level of service expected from a specialty shop.
  • Hostripples provides custom configurations for hosting clients... we don't try to fit accounts into unworkable pre-configurations.
  • Hostripples can assure a smooth transition of your accounts with minimal disruption to your clients.
  • Hostripples does not require that you sell your equipment or software licenses with your shared-level hosting accounts.
  • Hostripples will work directly with you so you can avoid 10-15% business broker fees.

To initiate contact with Hostripples.in please E-Mail us to [email protected]

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